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My God is Always Good to Me

A music Video to bring awareness on the Power of Kindness. Please visit for more information on our non-profit organization

Senator Susan Rubio

Endorsing THEY WILL KNOW Organization

Circles of Life

They Will Know presentation of Circles of Life.


Save Families!

To provide through the performing arts, awareness to the community on the seriousness of Domestic Violence, and the harms that Domestic Violence brings to our Children.

Don't let it begin!

To teach teens the twenty-five signs of abusive behavior, so that they can detect early, so as to avoid getting involved in relationships that could bring harm.

Be always safe!

We are committed to fostering a supportive environment, encouraging families to achieve a well balanced home life, in ways that serve the needs of the families and their children through education and awareness; bringing not only hope, but faith that all things are possible through knowledge and education.

They WILL Know, N.G.O.

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